Enjoy secure high-speed data backup and recovery with a fully-managed disk-based service that you control

What would happen if you lost your customer records? Your employee and payroll information? Your financial and accounting information? Because disk crashes, viruses, human error and natural disasters happen, you need comprehensive data backup and recovery. Without it, you risk the inconvenience and expense of rebuilding your records at the very least, and in the worst case, damaging your reputation and revenues permanently.
Speed, control and accuracy with disk-based data backup and recovery

Our fully-automated and managed disk-to-disk data backup and recovery service uses the market-leading EVault software suite. Because it is entirely disk-based, our service is much quicker than traditional tape-based solutions and eliminates errors caused by their manual handling.

We have storage nodes in our data centre. Your protected data is backed up daily to our secure data storage facility via a dedicated network. You stay in control of the whole process and can initiate your own restores immediately through a management portal. We provide a full audit trail for peace of mind and to meet data integrity and privacy compliance procedures.
Key benefits of our data backup and recovery service

Flexible access:
Our managed service is available 24×7 and you can restore your data whenever you choose;
Encrypted data:
Data backup traffic is transferred using a dedicated private VLAN, and we encrypt all of your protected data end-to-end using strong encryption up to AES256;
Transparent pricing:
We offer a tiered, standard pricing model allowing you to back up any amount of data up to 2TB;
Dedicated network:
Our data backup and recovery service uses a dedicated network so it will not interfere with any other traffic;
Comprehensive reporting:
We provide comprehensive email and online reporting on your data backup status.